Basic Linux

Linux Interview Questions

  1. What is linux?

 Linux is an open source free operating system modelled in Unix. Operating system is a software which manages the communication between various hardware and software.

  1. What is difference between linux and unix?

        Linux is a open source free operating system which various distros can be downloaded from internet. Linux was developed by the community which was overseas by Linus torvold. It was developed in 1991 used by various hardware and software , game development , PCs, Tablets.

Unix is proprietary operating  system developed at At&t lab. It is commonly used in internet servers , workstations and PCs by Intel , hp , Solaris etc.

 3. What is core of operating system?

Monolithic kernels which has been traditionally used by unix like operating system, contains all the operating core functions and device drivers ( a small program that allow the operating system to interact with devices like disk drivers , videos cards and printers.

4.  What is kernel?

Kernel is the central component of the operating system. It acts as a interface between user applications and hardware.

5.  What is LILO?

LILO is a linux boot loader which loads the linux into memory.  It loads the operating system from floppy drive , hard drives, USB, disk drives and it does not depend on specific file system. LILO does task to locate kernel identify other programs , loads program and start the kernel.

6.  What is bash?

Bash is the free version of Bourne shell distributed for linux and other Gnu operating systems. It is the improvement to sh shell. Bash includes the features of sh and korn shell.

7. What is  difference between bash and dos?

Command written in bash terminal are case sensitive while Dos commands are not. Dos follows convention in naming file that 8 characters followed by dot and 3 character for the extension whereas bash does not have such conventions.

  1. What is swap space?

When ram is full system resources requires more space to run applications in such case inactive pages are send to swap space memory. It is a small amount of memory from disk which cannot fully used as a Ram.

  1.   What is cli?

Cli is a type of human-computer interface ie a way for human to interact with computers that relies solely on textual input and output.

  1. How  do you  change permission under  linux?

We change file permission in linux with chmod and user permission is chown.



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