Q1. What is runlevel ?

A runlevel is a preset operating state on a Unix-like operating system. A system can be booted into (i.e., started up into) any of several runlevels, each of which is represented by a single digit integer. Each runlevel designates a different system configuration and allows access to a different combination of processes


Q2. How many runlevels are there in Linux?

There are 7 runlevels in linux ( 0-6 )


Q3. Describe the different runlevels?

0 – Halt

1 – Single-User mode

2 – Multi-User mode with network enabled, but most network services


3 – Multi-User mode, console logins only

4 – Not used/User-definable

5 – Multi-User mode, with display manager as well as console logins

6 – Reboot




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